Instrux MindMap

Instrux Mindmap

This sample is taken from a Microsoft Excell Instrux MindMap. The general topics covered are reminders about specific menu commands. In this instance, you may just need to find a quick command and be on your way.

There is also a brief explanation of each menu item as a refresher in case you see something you are not familiar with.

Instrux MindMap

The Instrux MindMap includes the most commonly used tasks involved with the subject matter covered in a class or as the result of user feedback and subject matter experts.


Instrux MindMap

When possible, we include top productivity tips and options for going even farther into the subject matter. Depending on the subject, the MindMap may or may not include this section.


Great Reminders

The classic mind map is about organizing ideas and thoughts around key concepts. Likewise our Instrux MindMap products organize concepts you covered in a particular class or with a particular subject. We are all busy and doing more with less these days. The Instrux MindMap let's you relax because you will always have a friendly reminder at your side. Complete but not too busy, the Instrux MindMap presents the basic for key concepts you have learned in a class.

Well organized

The Instrux MindMap organizes the information from the general to the specific. That way, you get a quick glance at a topic and that may be all you need. As you go through the Instrux MindMap, you will then get into more detail about the topic. Finally, if there are any quick tips and such available about a topic, they will also be included.